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Written by Orchid on May 16th, 2014. Posted in Blog

He is on his knees in front of me and I position myself so that our thighs press together. His hands lightly resting on my ribs and hips underneath my tank top, he parts his lips and brushes them against mine. A beautiful aching feeling travels down my torso and in between my legs like honey dripping from the end of a hot spoon. We continue this dance of mouths, occasionally pressing our lips together.

At this moment, nothing else exists but him and I. It’s as if time has almost stopped completely and we are suspended somewhere within the æther. I climax so many times that I quickly lose count.

By the time he’s finished with me I lay helplessly on the bed. The sheets are absolutely drenched with come and sweat. My skin is sticky with it. As is his. Sweat runs in rivulets down his painfully beautiful body, which has undoubtably been carved to perfection by the gods themselves.

There’s no place I’d rather be than here.

A Love Letter

Written by Orchid on April 22nd, 2014. Posted in Blog

Each kiss you bestow upon my hungry mouth sends my body into a state of utter bliss. These gifts of tenderest affection carry me for hours upon hours and nothing need follow them, except perhaps your arms around my waist for these kisses are just as impactful upon my person as any time we spend tangled in each other’s limbs and bedsheets.

All of these feelings that stir up within me at the recollection of you make it difficult to give the space and distance I know you sometimes need. When I experience hunger I feed it, and yet when I feel a longing for you I must sometimes deny myself and starve for a time. Forgive me if I talk too much, kiss you too frequently, get lost in your eyes. I simply cannot help myself.

I suppose that’s what happens when you’re in love.


Written by Orchid on April 14th, 2014. Posted in Blog

I am unashamed of the fact that I have multiple lovers. I have a primary lover whom I prefer above all else and all others. I also have lovers I see much more sporadically. Whenever jealousy arises I am always surprised that such an emotion is coupled with the desire to make me feel guilty for being poly amorous. If you are unhappy with sharing me then stop calling and go find someone who more appropriately suits your needs. I will not change my behavior for anyone.


Written by Orchid on April 14th, 2014. Posted in Blog

Despite my unshakeable and fierce independence, I also need to be nurtured.  I need to be showered with affection.  I need to be held, fucked, caressed.  I need somebody with a bottomless wellspring of energy to love me day and night.  But I cannot be caged, suffocated or held back.  It’s a conundrum I know.

I want to fuck you, make love to you, caress you, without caring what time it is or how long we’ve been entangled in each other.  I want to feel the weight of your love and I want to shower you with mine. I want to slow dance with you in my kitchen, I want to forget the stove is on, to forget my hunger in your arms. I want to feel the tender fragility of passion and the vulnerability of your soft lips pressed against me. I want you to love me.

Just the thought of you sends shocks of electricity from my nipples to my loins. I can feel the endorphins explode outward from my center and out to all my extremities.


Written by Orchid on April 14th, 2014. Posted in Blog

“Straight people don’t get bullied for being straight.”

Oh yes they do. I have been mistreated, insulted, laughed at and so on by members of the LGBTQ community/individuals who identify as anything other than heterosexual on occasions when said individuals have assumed that I’m straight as well as when I’ve expressed that I identify as bisexual.

Women I’ve been attracted to who identify as gay/lesbian have told me they won’t sleep with me because I also sleep with men and that disgusts them and therefore I disgust them.

I have been told that I’m not really bisexual, I just say that I am because it’s trendy or because I want attention and so on. Really? Then I guess I can run around telling gay men that they shouldn’t make out in public because they’re obviously just doing it to get attention.

I have been told things along the lines of “Well you’re straight so you don’t belong in an establishment that caters to those of alternative sexuality.” I’m not straight but apparently because I’m a white female living in the United States it’s perfectly acceptable to assume I’m straight instead of asking me whether I am or not. Furthermore by being considered straight I’m told I’m “not worthy” of being in an LGBTQ establishment…how is this fair, mature, justifiable behavior?

Oh wait. It’s not. For fucks sake, pull your heads out of your asses and start paying some fucking attention.

I mean, must have missed the memo covering why identifying with any sexuality other than heterosexual makes your plights worse than those of other people and apparently also makes yours more valid. I suppose being a straight white woman who gets raped for any myriad of reasons makes her trauma less valid because she’s straight. Yea, totally missed that one.

Not that anyone gives a flying fuck of course. She probably deserves it because she’s so much more privileged than a gay man who is victimized for any reason.If the LGBTQ community really wants equal treatment they wouldn’t mistreat or disregard others lives and hardships when said others identify as heterosexual. They would say. “You were raped because your attacker said your outfit meant you were asking for it? I’m so sorry.” They would not say. “Oh you were raped? Well I was too but it was worse for me because I’m gay.”

But really, forgive me. Apparently straight people live in a magical land of lollipops and fairy tales. They never experience loss, grief, disrespect, mistreatment or any other such trauma and if they do it’s NEVER as bad as it is for someone who identifies as anything other than heterosexual. I had no idea that simply identifying as hetero immediately makes ones problems less significant.

Now, if you’re preparing to disagree with me or attempt to diminish my experiences in any way, why don’t you instead take that time to delete me and don’t ever again address me as a friend. I have zero tolerance for being disregarded simply because you think myself and others like me don’t have similar or comparable problems in comparison to whomever it is you think has it worse.


Give It Up

Written by Orchid on August 20th, 2013. Posted in Blog

The lonesome, hollow guitar riffs snake in and out of my eardrums.  I see nothing but a completely dark room illuminated by a single spotlight.  The brightness rests on two nude bodies.  Their gender is inconsequential.  All I see is their passion.  Glistening skin writhes, rises and falls in an undulating rhythm.  Tears roll down my flushed cheeks, but I am not sad.  I weep at the beauty of such a spectacle.  I am not the only person in the room in a literal sense but emotionally nobody else exists.  Even the hot breath of the stranger behind me goes unnoticed.

I see a head fall back as the sharp line of a jawbone becomes visible under the spotlight.  The jaw is agape, a silent cry of pleasure hangs in the air.  Obstinate nipples harden and reach for the sky.  My mouth waters.

Suddenly the mood snaps from intimate and private to desperate and indiscreet as the music lurches toward something more primal.  The writhing bodies become more aggressive, more furious.  For a moment I look away.  My heart aches for the tender moment that has passed like a whisper through the crowd and out the doors.  The rest of the audience has become noticeably excited but I can no longer stand the sight before my eyes.  I try to cover my angry eyes as I push past the onlookers and out into the unforgiving dampness of the night.

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