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Written by Orchid on June 4th, 2014. Posted in Blog

I’m in a suspended state of utter, euphoric bliss until suddenly I realize the birds have stopped singing.  The once safe feeling of the surrounding untamed arboretum now feels like a prison.  Nature is so fickle isn’t she?  It’s as if she knows when one is in love and thus plays ones heartstrings like a violin until one feels firmly secure in ones happiness.  She then waits for the perfect, crystallizing moment to strike one with lightning as she cackles and rides away on the wind.

Laying on the forest floor, now naked and alone where I was once safely clothed in the limbs and lips of my lover, tears fall rapidly from my burning eyes as if to imitate a rainstorm on a most miniature scale.  The earth has hardened beneath my bruised limbs.  On any other day, at any other moment, I would have predicted the coming storm and would have therefore sought shelter until it had passed.  And yet for some reason unknown entirely to me, I managed to miss all the fleeting indicators of discord ahead.

I am bewildered, the contents of my skull feel muddled and disoriented.  I am acutely aware of wrongdoing.  I am most certain I am at fault and yet, I am at a loss as to what it is I have done wrong.

It is most fortunate no appetite stirs within me, for in this unfamiliar territory I fear mistakenly ingesting nature’s poisons more than I fear starvation.

A Love Letter

Written by Orchid on April 22nd, 2014. Posted in Blog

Each kiss you bestow upon my hungry mouth sends my body into a state of utter bliss. These gifts of tenderest affection carry me for hours upon hours and nothing need follow them, except perhaps your arms around my waist for these kisses are just as impactful upon my person as any time we spend tangled in each other’s limbs and bedsheets.

All of these feelings that stir up within me at the recollection of you make it difficult to give the space and distance I know you sometimes need. When I experience hunger I feed it, and yet when I feel a longing for you I must sometimes deny myself and starve for a time. Forgive me if I talk too much, kiss you too frequently, get lost in your eyes. I simply cannot help myself.

I suppose that’s what happens when you’re in love.

The Witching Hour

Written by Orchid on April 21st, 2014. Posted in Blog

It’s almost 4 am when he walks in on me stuffing my face with pita chips and cheddar cheese and he just laughs.  I blush.  Yep, I’m in my element. We inhale and exhale copious amounts of THC while he regales me with his knowledge of physics.  Air speeds, inertia, mechanics and “did you know?”.  I laugh and writhe around on the bed, jokingly begging him to stop dispensing so much beautiful knowledge lest I explode in a climax of cranial bliss.  Knowledge is arousing.  Especially when it falls from the lips of your lover.On into the early morning hours, we laugh so hard we cry.  And then we laugh some more.

Finally the light is turned out and we lay awake in each others arms.  No more words are exchanged, just the sounds of our breathing and the pulses in our veins.

Utter perfection.

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