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Written by Orchid on November 5th, 2013. Posted in Blog

One of my favorite ways to start my day is with photo edits waiting for me in my email.  My thanks go to Elisa Lazo de Valdez of Visioluxus Photography for such amazing final edits!!!

Visioluxus 1

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Family Ties

Written by Orchid on August 19th, 2013. Posted in Blog

I envy those with deep family roots and traditions. Those with a history and a legacy of heritage. Such Feelings churn within my restless heart.

My family has been broken into so many pieces. Like a priceless vase that has been chipped away at bit by bit. As solitary pieces we are nothing. Just shards of decorative porcelain that were once a part of something greater. My edges are worn smooth with years of solitude and grief. I miss my father. And my grandfathers. Their memories have been scattered to the merciless winds of time. No first hand account of what they lived through has ever been recorded and now must be passed down. But not one will step forward to do so. They all live their lives in selfishness and secrecy. Each out to further their own agendas with little regard for those with whom they share a sanguine bond. Nobody calls, nobody writes and everyone blames someone other than themselves for loosing touch.

I like to think that if nothing else I have enough scraps of my history to cling to, so as to prevent complete and crushing anguish from running my life into the ground. And cling to them I will, for dear life. For each one sparks a memory and that is all I have left.

I must forge ahead in this life alone and make my own way. At least my shard of porcelain, with its smooth edges and faded flowers, is beautiful.

(This blog originally posted on my old account March 2013)

Gender Equality

Written by Orchid on August 19th, 2013. Posted in Blog

DISCLAIMER: This is all subject to my opinion and interpretations of what I see and experience. The statements here-in are not indefinite, infallible or absolute.

Watching Mona Lisa Smile. Contemplating the roles society continues to try and force men and women into and the unfair standards in place. Women must be intelligent, attractive, patient, yielding and sexually respectable while also being strong, independent and thick-skinned.

Men may philander and booze their way through life with little or no judgement from society. They do not have to answer for how many women they bed whereas women must answer for every notch on her bedpost regardless of what gender said bed partners are.

BUT: Men must have a car, a job and a financial plan for their future. They must be the bread-winners, the initiators and the leaders. They must help form and shape our society and protect it. As if our society really needed protection from itself.

If we as a society truly desire “gender equality” there are steps that must be taken. We need to stop focusing on what gender somebody is or identifies with. We also need to throw away everything we think we know in regard to what men should do and what women should do, and also what they, according to their gender, must absolutely not do.

(This blog originally written in spring 2013)

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