Sexism Much?

Written by Orchid on December 10, 2014. Posted in Blog

The following rant is in response to this article:

Dear men and boys: feeling like retreating from the dating world because you just can’t win no matter what you do? How about instead of being a coward, when you see a man behaving badly whether he is a friend or stranger, call him out on it.

The more you ask your gender to behave like human beings instead of misogynist assholes, the better your reputation will become.

Not sure whether or not you should kiss her? How about you ask her. It’s incredibly romantic, thoughtful, sensitive and so on. Trust me if, she wants to kiss you and you ask her for her permission she will be all the more delighted to lay one on you. If however, she is not interested in kissing you, don’t get upset. She has every right to say no. Not every person in the world is going to want to smooch you. Furthermore, asking for permission to breach physical boundaries helps to build trust because it will show her that you’re aware of her physical and emotional boundaries and that you respect those boundaries above your own selfish desires and sexual impulses. The more trust you build the stronger the foundation of your interactions and potential long-term relationship will be.

Dear girls and women: feel like men are just sexist assholes and you can’t seem to find a good one? How about instead of settling for or making excuses for someone who is not treating you right, you tell them what it is that you need and expect from your interactions. Furthermore, take the time to genuinely research what feminism and equality actually mean instead of regurgitating sensationalist, Neo feminist views. True feminism demands equality for all people, it does not support women being above men in terms of rights and expectations. If you want to be a crazy bitch, that’s your choice but that’s not feminism.

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