I Release Thee

Written by Orchid on April 14, 2014. Posted in Blog

I’ve noticed a pattern forming recently in how the events of my life are unfolding.

Every time I worry about something, or “fear” the future outcome of a situation, I make an effort to let my fears and worries go.  I close my eyes (unless I’m driving of course), inhale and exhale deeply and focus on my third eye while I say in my head (and sometimes out loud) that I will not fret, for everything will work out and everything is going to be alright.  It’s a strange little ritual which always brings a smile to my lips, even if the smile only lasts a short while.

Not matter how dire the situation has seemed to be, within 24 hours everything is alright again.  The less I worry, the better things seem to become.  By forcing myself to see the positive elements in my life, all the negative things that once had a fair amount of control over me now seem pale and unimportant.

People say “intention” and positivity don’t work.  And to those people I say: “Don’t knock it until you try it and don’t dismiss my happiness because you’re terrified of your own.”

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