Drowning in Nepotism

Written by Orchid on August 16, 2013. Posted in Blog

This town is so saturated in nepotism it’s ridiculous. People are not typically hired based on the merits of their talents, experience or professionalism, they are most often hired based primarily on who they know.

Portland, you are going to lose out on all of the genuinely talented people if you keep letting them fall by the wayside while you continue to only do favors for your friends. In the real world people are hired based on work experience, character and abilities. Get with it kids.

Performers, please do not think you are exempt from this rant.  Not speaking up for yourselves only serves to perpetuate the problem.  If you’re unhappy, there isn’t a single reason you should feel incapable of finding a mature and professional manner in which to address your concerns.

All of this is certainly not meant to imply that if you have talented friends that you shouldn’t hire them. Many connections are made based on such relationships. My point is rather that before you pass over someone who is truly qualified because you want to do your friend a favor, take a moment to consider your choice.

Furthermore: I am very thankful to all of the people I know who have helped me along in my career and I am forever in your debt for giving me a chance to share my passion for performance with the world. When I become rich and famous, you will all be on the list of people I owe a portion of my success to.

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