Written by Orchid on May 16, 2014. Posted in Blog

He is on his knees in front of me and I position myself so that our thighs press together. His hands lightly resting on my ribs and hips underneath my tank top, he parts his lips and brushes them against mine. A beautiful aching feeling travels down my torso and in between my legs like honey dripping from the end of a hot spoon. We continue this dance of mouths, occasionally pressing our lips together.

At this moment, nothing else exists but him and I. It’s as if time has almost stopped completely and we are suspended somewhere within the √¶ther. I climax so many times that I quickly lose count.

By the time he’s finished with me I lay helplessly on the bed. The sheets are absolutely drenched with come and sweat. My skin is sticky with it. As is his. Sweat runs in rivulets down his painfully beautiful body, which has undoubtably been carved to perfection by the gods themselves.

There’s no place I’d rather be than here.

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