Bleeding Hearts

Written by Orchid on July 23, 2014. Posted in Blog

A fair portion of our population has developed unrealistic desires with no way to satisfy them.  This is glaringly apparent in how said individuals approach issues of homelessness, drug addiction, mental illness, poverty and so on.  They expect and oftentimes demand actions be taken by everyone without comprehending that some people may not want to fund aid programs or hand a burger for the bum on the corner.  Is this harsh?  Perhaps.  However, it’s not up to you or I to demand that someone else support a cause that you or I firmly believe in.  If you think the homeless need to be fed, go out and buy some food to hand out to them.  Or volunteer at the local soup kitchen or shelter.  Better yet, draft a plan to address the issues you feel passionate about and seek out avenues in which to make that plan a reality.  But do not demand or indignatly expect others to follow suit.  And prepare to be taken advantage of if you aren’t cautious and careful.

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