Falsities of a Broken Heart

Written by Orchid on January 18, 2015. Posted in Blog

I am pinioned by your finger
It points unyieldingly at my person and screams
“Liar! Abuser!”

(These things I am not
However, wounded hearts often know not what they say.)

The ethereal wisps of my very being part and swirl
Touched by a dagger dipped in poison
Poison which burns my skin and unravels the fibers of my heart

In the same breath, following the angriest of words
You seek to espouse cries of love
And interrogate me hotly
“Why ever do you withhold your sweet honey from my lips, you madam are a monster!”

Every ounce of unbridled love given to you has been forgotten or else pushed aside to be ignored
Lest such affections undo your anger and diffuse your argument

This pain you claim against me leaves no room for recognition of the imbalance between us
I am left to be the failure

Thus I resign myself to my fate
Solitude. Separation. Emptiness.
On the other side of this wall
You remain steadfast in your accusations and feelings of vindication

Sparks of hope gleam weakly,
are all but extinguished
Kept alive only by the longing in my breast
To return to your arms
To be wrapped in your love

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